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Lumos is a community center for people who are interested in being happy and healthy. we combine our love of yoga with our love of community outreach and environmental consciousness.


Our studio was built on the foundation of clean, green, conscious construction, that is designed to create a calm and healthy environment for your practice. our community is guided and inspired by these pillars:

BE HEALTHY: Yoga, Tai chi & Qi gong practices make it easier to make healthy life choices.


CARE: We believe that, all the creatures have rights and deserve to have their best interests taken into consideration, regardless of whether they are useful to humans


BE ACCESSIBLE: Our community welcomes all bodies, backgrounds, sexual orientations and individual expression of being.


COMMUNITY SUPPORT: We amplify our own potential by supporting each other.


LIVE TO LEARN: The truly "advanced" is always a beginner






Find Your Practice

We’ve assembled a team of highly talented and knowledgeable teachers from all different yogic backgrounds and lineages, more than 5 years teaching experience.


 Lumos giving you the opportunity to try out different styles and find what suits you best.

Many of our teachers are also available for private, One on one yoga sessions to help you better explore your personal practice.

There are other different classes and workshops except yoga you find our studio:

 Tai Chi / Qi Gong/ dynamic Meditation / Group Therapeutic Sessions / Yoga Nidra / Sound Healing, Butoh & Other Contemporary Dance etc




ვორქშოფები     სესიები     ლექციები

ყველა პრაქტიკა
ერთ სივრცეში

Trip to  NeW Lumos  
ობა ახალ ლუმოსში

Kids Yoga  Class                           Family Yoga  Workshop
ლუმოსის ცმაცუნა იოგები 

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Contact Us

Sairme St 71. Godziashvili Park. 
Tbilisi Georgia 0194

+995  595 620 001

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